Tuesday, February 23, 2010

C++/UNIX Developers (2) 125-200k++ (NYC) Email resumes to quantrec @gmail.com

Looking for 2 experienced C++ / UNIX developers.
Want guys who eat, sleep, breathe C++
Ideally 4-10 years of experience.

Candidates must have:
degree in computer science
strong expertise in C++ on UNIX (preferably Linux)
Must have most of the following: STL, OOD, Threading, Boost, real-time systems development, high-performance / low- latency systems development.

Candidate will ideally come from another financial firm with experience in some form of automated trading development - preferably high frequency or automated market making systems. But, candidate from technology company like Google, who has developed a robust, high performance C++ applications will be considered so long as their C++ skills are strong.

One of the two developers would ideally have a deep expertise in areas of low level C/C++ development in order to increase the throughput of the system and decrease the latency. This developer would ideally have deep expertise in netowork programming and high performance inter-connects ( high speed communication). Below is a list of some of the specfic things this developer would ideally have:

*Developing financial exchange connectivity

*Writing Linux device-drivers and/or Linux kernel programming

*Understanding of hardware architecture (microprocessors, buses, memory, etc)

*Configuring and tuning networks and NICs

*Extensive knowledge of computer network protocols (TCP, UDP unicast/multicast) and high-performance interconnects (10Gb Ethernet, Infiniband)

*Profiling and optimizing software performance

*Developing with a template-based C++ library, e.g. Boost

*Programming in x86/64 Assembly language

150-200K Total Comp for someone on senior end of range and 125-150 Total comp for junior end of range. No candidates who need any relocation or special considerations. (might go higher than 200K for low level/network C++ expert).


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  2. Surprised so many of these jobs are for C++? I'm working on a java-bases high frequency trading system and haven't seen where C++ would help me. That is, I don't see where the benefits of C++ outweigh the high costs/headaches involved. Perhaps if these outfits were doing many trades per second, I could see that, but even then, there are java solutions.

  3. JAVA is still a byte code running in a VM, it can never beat the performance that you can get from C++. Also when it comes to really going into low level details of systems, such as interacting directly with memory, hardware, data acquisition systems, tcp/ip stack, java cannot beat C++. It is true that there is a greater chance of making errors in C++, but java was evolved for those who cannot do C++, kinda and also C++ has evolved quite a bit. Specially if you are dealing with "Standard" C++ GNU compiler(s). The Standard Library has become much more powerful, and less error prone. One has to look differently at C++ now, for say few years back, when it was really a pain in the neck to manage a larger project in C++.

  4. Anzar, Java has JIT: Just in time compilers which convert bytecode to native. But given these kinds of opportunities, perhaps I should have stuck with C/C++. Do you think your clients would be interested in a guy who did C/C++ at a fairly deep level many years ago but has been doing java since?