Saturday, January 8, 2011


"This was my favorite passage in the book:

The consistent work enhanced my act. I Learned a lesson: It was easy to be great. Every entertainer has a night when everything is clicking. These nights are accidental and statistical: Like the lucky cards in poker, you can count on them occurring over time. What was hard was to be good, consistently good, night after night, no matter what the abominable circumstances.
"Accidental greatness" -- I love that phrase. We all like to talk about excellence and greatness, but Martin found that occasional greatness was inevitable -- a statistical certainty, even. If you play long enough, you are bound to win every now and then. Those wines are not achievement of performance so much as achievements of being there. It's like players and coaches in athletics who break records for the most X in their sport. "That just means I've been around a long time," they say."

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