Friday, January 14, 2011

Unemployment, debt, and rock 'n' roll: The lies law schools tell

"Legal eagle hopefuls, it's about time everyone stopped lying to you about law school.

Have you ever dreamt of spending long days and nights slaving over the interpretation of near-indecipherable books, only to emerge three years later with an 800-pound gorilla of debt on your back, and absolutely no feasible method in sight to pay it back?

That, my friends, is what graduating with a Juris Doctor (read: law degree) is like in this day and age.

After all, I should know — I have one of those useless pieces of rolled parchment paper, still residing in its place in a trunk at my parents' house, granting me the lofty privilege of practicing law.

As do a staggering number of bushy-tailed fans of American jurisprudence, by the way. And finally, the New York Times had the moxie to call law schools out on their money-swindling ways."

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