Tuesday, December 14, 2010

For UBS bankers, a head-to-toe style guide as precise as a Swiss watch

"The Swiss banking giant UBS has released a dress code that mandates fingernail length, when women should apply perfume, and even the quality of a banker's underwear.

A new UBS dress code that was published in the Swiss media – and picked up today in France to great amusement in Paris – outlines dozens of pages of personal appearance management that's more fine-tuned than a Swiss watch.

The regulations designate a 1.5 millimeter maximum fingernail length for men, suggests that female bankers wear makeup and put on perfume directly after showering and not after lunch, advocates that shoes be changed daily to bring greater levels of “peace and serenity,” and mandates employee underwear that is skin-toned and “always made of superior quality textiles."

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