Monday, January 18, 2010

High Freq Strategists/Developers (Growing Trading Firm) -- (Must have high frequency/trading intra-day desk exp) Green Card/US Cit. Multiple Role

High Frequency Strategists/Developers (Growing Trading Firm) -- (Must have high frequency/trading intra-day/desk experience) Green Card/US Citizen. Multiple roles open, read below. 206-202-7703 Vm/fax

Candidate invites of all types welcome. Send to email listed and there may be positions for you in the near future, broaden and expand your contacts!
If qualified, email resume to neil or fax to 206-202-7703. Candidates meeting the description below will be contacted PROMPTLY. for DAILY UPDATED financial and technology roles.

Bookmark it!

Please include your salary requirements, location preferences, and for my notes where you have been interviewing or been submitted to in the past 6 months (as there are multiple opportunities if you are a solid techie). Green card or US Citizen ONLY for these roles.

Also if you have somebody appropriate to refer, finder's fees are possible.

Looking for a team - at least two candidates - quant trader and algo developer. Will consider separately for each role for extraordinary candidates.

All candidate invites welcome - even if you are not qualified or applying for this role, feel free to link up to my network and broaden your connections!

If qualified AND meeting ALL criteria below, email resume to neil or fax to 206-888-6897. Candidates meeting the description below will be contacted PROMPTLY. Also if you have somebody appropriate to refer, finder's fees are possible.

This growing proprietary trading firm is headquartered in Canada with office in Southern United States. They specialize in High Frequency Equities and Futures. Have a very fast platform with less than 100 micro second latency.

They want to hire traders/strategists with coding skills in C++ and/or statistical programming languages such as R so they are able to test and implement their own trading ideas and strategies. They would prefer strategists who have trading strategies with proven track record, but they are also considering candidates who have worked on a desk and were privvy to high frequency trading strategies and have their own ideas for trading strategies which they're ready to test and implement. All strategies must be intra-day and they would higher frequency strategies, eg in order of minutes or seconds or milliseconds.

That said, they'll consider PM's with Trading Ideas who can back test and monetize ideas - high frequency - micro to milli to minutes. Doing both futures and equities. (Prefers quantitative strategies - market making - quantiative explotation of inefficiencies in market - stat arb - index arb - pairs trading - volume based models) -these are all trading types they prefer. Fast platform: less than a milli second on each side. As fast as Knight.

Looking to hire C++ developers, preferable out of competitors such as ATD, Getco, Citadel. They want experienced C++ developers with at least 5 years, but preferable 10 years of experience w/ strong expertise in: STL, Threading, Boost, Sockets. Comp range of 100 -250K (or more). Work on Market Data, Order Mgmt. Really wants to hire someone who knows both C++ and C# but willing to settle for C++ only guy. They really want developers with relevant trading systems experience and/or experience implementing trading strategies for prop futures or equities trading - but a top flight developer w/o will be considered.

C#, Winforms, WPF Developer - This is a front end (GUI) Developer to develop front end to trading systems. They may also participate in server and database developer if interested. Experienced developer, with at least 3 yrs, but ideally 5-10 years of experience. Pay around 120K base +bonus (give or take)

Project Manager for setting up Off Shore team - someone who has offshore IT/ Development contacts in India, Russia or China who can take ownership of setting up an offshore team for them.

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